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[The Sweet Life of Axel and Cody (and Haji and Booker)!] Let it snow!
Went out at lunch for a visit. Brought Booker in the arena and free lunged him a bit and he rolled a bit. Nothing too crazy, no bucking or anything just a little head tossing. Usual soundness. Did a little ground work at liberty nothing too serious just walk, whoa, trot.

So I was doing really awesome and I was proud of myself. I got in the barn before it really started raining/snowing and while we were playing in the arena it really started up. First rain then turned to big fat snow flakes.

So I groomed and Booker was nice and dry and I put the blanket on and there's no straps. I wander around in circles trying to figure out what to do. Texted Nancy and then sent a FB message to the gal that sold us the blanket. Debate looking in her trailer and "borrowing" whatever I find but decided against it. Wasted some time measuring Booker for blanket size. The blanket doesn't have a size written on it and it is a tad big so I thought I'd measure him just in case, especially since we had no straps for the existing blanket. 74" BTW.

So I give in and bring Booker back outside. By the time I get back in the barn I get a reply from the gal that sold the blanket that the straps are on the floor of her trailer. Go figure. So I go back out to get Booker who is now wet wet wet. In fact he has a pool of water in the crease in his chubby back ;)

So I scrub him as dry as possible with one of the fleece blankets I brought, run him around the arena again in hopes he'll roll, and groom him again. No rolling of course. Gave him some treats. Brushed him again and fluffed him up and then just gave up and put the blanket on. So all my awesome timing was for naught. Anyways he's not soaking wet, just damp by the time I put on his blanket so he should be fine and will probably dry quickly under it.

All the horses with the exception of those in Booker's pasture have blankets on. It's not cold now but Booker doesn't have a super thick winter coat and if it keeps snowing like this, big wet flakes and rain, they'll be wet and then it's supposed to get super cold so I think the blanket is the right move. Just a little peace of mind.

I promised Booker I wouldn't be back to get him again today at least ;)


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