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[The Sweet Life of Axel and Cody (and Haji and Booker)!] Catch up ... again
Just a quick catch up since I'm not doing a very good job keeping up to date. Maybe I can do better this year. Last year I wasn't riding since I was pregnant. Baby was born in August. My boys moved from my brother in law's to the big cattle pasture at the farm. Haji crossed the rainbow bridge before winter hit. We moved the boys to a farm outside of Canby where there's at least 10 other horses. A guy that buys hay from my father in law is watching them for the winter. They are actually getting fed flakes of hay so Axel isn't all puffed up like he usually is in the winter. Cody has written me off now that he's with "his kind." Hopefully I'll get a few rides in this summer.

I'm back to riding Booker, though lightly right now, we're lazy and it's winter, you know how that goes. I got a pair of colt 45s for Xmas so we'll be getting him back in shape with the guns sooner than later and hopefully hitting up a clinic and a shoot this year.


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