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[The Sweet Life of Axel and Cody (and Booker)!] Back in the Saddle ... again ... again
Ran out to the barn a couple times last week actually. Once to remove Booker's blanket before it was 70F out. And then again to go for a ride later in the week. Unfortunately Booker's feet are getting long and he was feeling a bit off so we only worked on some corner circles and some leg yielding. I really need to get some cantering under my belt before the clinic in a couple weeks.

Speaking of, things are rolling in our new Cowboy Mounted Shooting hobby. We started desensitizing a couple years ago and then I went and got pregnant so now we're determined to get something going this year. We are signed up for a new shooter clinic at the end of this month and we plan to shoot in a Mother's day shoot in May. Hopefully some other shoots as well.

So right now I'm working with a local leathersmith to maybe make up a holster and hopefully get that sooner than later. And there's a tack sale at the end of the month. I'm probably being optimistic but it'd be great to find some chinks, a shirt, and a hat.


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