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[The Sweet Life of Axel and Cody (and Haji and Booker)!] Still Slacking
It's bee a very cold winter around here and we've had quite a bit of snow. We worked with Booker a little, not as much as we wanted since it was so cold. Mostly working on the things that the trainer suggested along with a little goofing around. Then at the beginning of March we sent Booker to the trainer for the month. She's going to work him several times a week and get him back into shape and work on the stopping issues and just getting him listening and using his body properly. Along with the training Nancy gets to ride a couple lessons as well so if the weather would cooperate that would be useful.

As far as my boys are concerned I haven't seen too much of them as we haven't been to the farm very often this winter with all the crazy weather. I know the brother and sister in law and sister in law's brother took the three out for a little bareback ride around the pasture a couple months ago. Sounds like they had a good time and the boys all behaved themselves. The most work they've done in ages! I've visited a few times to make sure everyone was still on all fours. The slow feed Cinch Chix net is doing it's job, Axel is looking good and not too fat and his swelling has gone down significantly. I'm guessing had we not put out hay without the net this year he wouldn't be swollen at all. Haji may have lost a bit of weight which unless we're force feeding him 24 hours a day that was to be expected with the cold weather despite him having a blanket on. Spring should be good to get some weight back on him. And though Axel still wants to eat everyone's feed, I think the three are getting along pretty well thanks to the small area they are in for the winter.


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